Monday, August 6, 2012

a few pics from Washington

My cute, not so little sister,

We're working on his cheese face...

She was being so goofy for this shoot! 

Bella's friend birthday party -Ice Cream Parlour!

Here is the invitation for this ice cream bash...

I had to throw this adorable one of Liam on here.  We took this at the same time as Bella's invite pics.  It's one of my all time favorites of him.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, the girls did a little ice cream cone craft.  Thank goodness for Heather who helped them out while I frantically ran around trying to get everything in place.  Like every year previous, the wind was not on my side....luckily it died down for the party.  We only lost 2 balloons I think?  You will notice below. 

The toppings...

Some cupcakes and candy dots...

Cupcakes baked in ice cream cones...they turned out allright, just not super pretty :)

Party favor bags

The whole scene, I was really happy with it, aside from how crappy the tablecloths look in pictures!  I am too picky because I really want good pictures...note to self: purchase fabric tablecloths from now on!

I absolutely LOVE the shimmer gumballs!  I ordered them from They have tons of colors and you can mix them too! 

I guess I should mention we also did the party at my in law's house because we decided to do a swim party.  I have no pictures of the actual swimming, but it felt perfect with how hot it was! 

Pin the cherry on the ice cream...

And of course the pinata!

Always harder than expected.  Of course it was made out of clorox boxes instead of paper mache!  I totally need to make them from now on! 
Overall the party was a success.  The girls had a ton of fun, and Bella loved it.  We had a TON of candy left over but it's of course gone now! :)